ROSEHIP OIL

I’ve been using Rosehip Oil for around 20 years. Personally I have found it to have amazing healing properties and to aid in the prevention of the signs of premature ageing by promoting skin elasticity and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

 I believe it is suitable for all skin types, whether dry, oily or skin.  I have listed some of the uses I have found for Rosehip Oil below.

Being generally very expensive to purchase across the counter, it can become cost  prohibitive to use it as liberally as I do.   For this reason I sourced a supply of pure  rosehip oil at a good price which enables me to retail it for an affordable amount.

Considering the cost of a plethora of preparations for body, hands, face, eyes and  throat and various healing agents etc. my product  becomes very cost effective.

 A little goes a long way and is rapidly absorbed by the skin.  Massage only 2-3 drops on damp skin morning and night or more often if required.   Only use as  much as you need otherwise you are just wasting a precious resource.

 The final “best bit” is that when you travel, you only need take one small bottle to  moisturise and to heal minor skin irritations.


 This is my personal testimonial resulting from long term use of Rosehip Oil and is not to be construed as being associated with any Therapeutic Goods Legislation. 

It is a topical oil and not for consumption and should be stored below 30c.    


                                              ROSEHIP OIL – USES

I use pure Rosehip Oil for the following:

  1. As a body moisturizer;
  2. As my face, eye and throat moisturizer;
  3. To prevent and protect against the drying effects of the sun;
  4. As a hand lotion and healing agent around split nails and fingers;
  5. For chapped lips and any form of chafing;
  6. As a healing agent for all wounds and minor skin irritations; 
  7. As a healing product on my pets (2 of my cats engage in the occasional biffo  which ends in tears);
  8. For any form of rash or dermatitis not only on me but on my pets;
  9. For so many other personal uses on the body;

 It may aid in improving the appearance of burns, scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, age spots, acne and so many other skin ailments.

 It is extremely useful for the sensitive skin of babies with nappy rash or cradle cap.

 It is the first product I reach for when I have any skin problem or irritation.

 It may not work for everyone but it certainly works for me.


 It is best to apply to hands and face around 30 minutes before bedtime  so it is fully absorbed and won’t leave any residue on clothing or linen.

 If bed linen does become marked I spray it with WD40 before hand  washing the affected area with Sard Wonder Soap followed by machine  washing in hot water.  Once sun dried there is no residual WD 40 smell. 

 It is also best to moisturise some 30 minutes before applying makeup to  ensure it is fully absorbed.  I then apply a primer before makeup.