The EC Method and Trend Star Alert

Both these websites  were developed with a view to trading the indices for the  XJO and DOW in Australia and the DOW in the USA. covers both the XJO and DOW and is for Australian subscribers only and is limited to 400 subscribers at any one time. is for Non-Australian subscribers and the membership is unlimited.

The aim of both these businesses is to send out alerts to traders that there is a high probability that the market will change direction.

The trend alert indicates a longer term trade may be possible and the fast alert is designed to basically scalp the market.

It is highly successful because traders don’t have to sit in front of their computer screen waiting and watching for an entry.  They can be anywhere in the world, pursuing any profession or just having fun, and they don’t need to watch the market until they get an alert on their iphone or other associated device that it is time to look at the market.

We have no advance knowledge of a change. We get the alert at exactly the same time as every subscriber.

The system was designed over some 13 years of trading and these two indices.

We have revised the method of showing our statistics at the request of many subscribers who found our previous method of displaying our statistics as more complex.  They wanted to see a visual as soon as they logged on.  If you go the the results page on each of the websites by clicking  here  for The EC Method and here for Trend Star Alert you will see the results.

Our system is not designed to pick tops or bottoms.  We do not aim to be greedy – we just want to catch the middle part of the trade to minimize risk.

Our strike rate obviously varies from time to time.  Any person who tells you they have a fool proof system is a liar.  We have worked for years to ensure a strike rate above 75% which is the best any proficient trader can ever hope to achieve.